Buy Russ a Beer

Find something useful, entertaining or profitable here at World of Insurance? Ladies – just want to get me drunk and take advantage of me? (Hint: You’d have to get The Redhead’s permission and she’s mean.)

Either way… Join “World of Insurance’s Drinking Buddies.”

It’s simple. If any of this stuff makes you laugh, makes you think or helps you get FREE…Buy me a beer.

Seems fair to me. How ’bout you?

Buy a round for the house, and you automatically qualify as a Team Sponsor.

And by the way… Make sure to tell me what table you’re sitting at. It’s crowded in here, and I like to know who I’m drinking with.

Our Menu:

Draft: $2.50

Imported Beer: $3.50

Pitcher: $12.00

A Round for the Table: $35.00

Please note that, in the unlikely event that contributions exceed my monthly intake, funds may be used for less noble purposes. Examples include: Bourbon, software, Mexican Food, whiskey, books, music, Bourbon… even charitable pursuits.

Finally, Russ NEVER drinks and drives. Even though the presence of alcohol in my body should not constitute a prima facie crime if I have not damaged another person or his property, getting a DUI has no attraction for your humble host.

And, by the way….THANKS, MAN! I LOVE YOU, MAN!!


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