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Russ Longcore is the author of “Insurance Claim Secrets REVEALED!” The book shows consumers how to take control of their insurance claims, and adding hundreds or even thousands more dollars to their claim settlements.

This book has been the Number One book about insurance claims at Amazon CONTINUOUSLY since October 2007!

Learn crucial claim strategies that the insurance companies will NEVER tell you. The devil is in the details of the claims process. The insurance companies rely on the fact that consumers don’t know the claims process.

Read this book, and you’ll know how to handle your claims…every time!

You can buy this book at You can also buy the book at my website at:

BOOK NUMBER TWO: “Commercial Insurance Claim Secrets REVEALED!”

One of my closest mentors is Dr. Tim Ryles, former Commissioner of Insurance for the State of Georgia. Tim endorsed my first book. But he also made me commit to writing another book dedicated to commercial claims.

Businesses and commercial entities are just as uninformed about the claims process as the average consumer. Think about the small business owner. All of his attention is rightly focused on his business. He may be a total expert on every aspect of his business. But does he know ANYTHING about insurance claims? And worst of all, in the case of a serious claim like a fire, flood or hurricane, the very existence of the business is at risk. The business owner cannot divert his attention to a complicated insurance claim at the same time he is trying to keep his business alive. He needs winning claims strategies.

“Commercial Insurance Claim Secrets REVEALED!”” is now available in Ebook format. The book will be released in softcover in Summer 2010.

To buy your copy of this important book, go to: <a href="


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