Top Ten States For Staged Auto Accidents

My previous article about staged auto accidents is found at: Staged Auto Accidents Best to read these articles together.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, a total of 70,844 Questionable Claims (QC) were submitted within in 2007 and rose to 74,676 QCs in 2008 (a 5.4% increase).

On the national level, the first quarter of 2009, 1129 staged accident claims were referred for further investigation, according to NICB. This is a 34% increase over the same time period in 2008, which had 845.

Top 10 states for “Questionable Claims” by loss in 2008 were:

1.California (15,609)
2.Florida (6,508)
3.Texas (6,455)
4.New York (6,378)
5.Michigan (2,691)
6.Georgia (2,244)
7.Illinois (2,231)
8.North Carolina (2,194)
9.Pennsylvania (1,881)
10.Arizona (1,854)

Staged auto accidents are no accident, and they are not victimless crimes. They are designed to receive payment for personal injuries and all the costs involved in a seemingly innocent fender-bender. They endanger lives and drive up insurance costs for everyone.

•Fraud costs insurance companies millions of dollars a year in direct and in-direct expenses.
•Every dollar saved on fraudulent auto claims is a dollar spent on protecting safe and law-abiding drivers.

This report was provided to the media from Allstate Insurance.


2 Responses to Top Ten States For Staged Auto Accidents

  1. Pearl Tavarez says:

    H, nice post there! Really like it! I like you put top ten list of states with questionable claims.

    Great article. I will read your other articles.


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