Do you have a fantastic veggie recipe? I need it right away!!!

Send me your recipes, and I’ll send you a FREE copy of the cookbook that I’m writing this week!

I have written a book about fat loss entitled “FatLoss4Winners.” This 65-page book is about the alkaline lifestyle, and how you can stop trying diet after diet, just relax and lose fat. When your body is alkaline, you lose fat effortlessly. In addition, the alkaline lifestyle will clear up many of the health symptoms you’re experiencing. Imagine hitting your dream weight and also being more healthy…simply though a lifestyle of eating delicious foods!

I’m launching a new website to sell the book on December 1, 2009. One of the extra items we’ll offer is a cookbook with at least 100 mouth-watering, healthful, easy-to-prepare recipes.

I worked for months trying to cut a deal with a very well-known cookbook author to sell her books on this new weight loss website, set for a massive launch December 1, 2009. Over the weekend she backed out of the deal. I can’t find another one like it and I’m up against a deadline.

So, screw them all. As of about 30 minutes ago, I’m writing a cookbook. This first edition (thinking big always) will have at least 100 recipes in it. It will be dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, meat-free, wheat-free, egg-free, high fat (the right kind) and delicious.

I plan to have it done by Sunday, November 15th.

If you have recipes that you’d like to submit that meet the standards above, I’d love to add them and give you credit in the book. Plus, when the book is completed, I’ll send you a complimentary copy of the book, which will be a $24.95 value.

Send your recipes to me in a RUSH at: Make sure you spell your name correctly and give me the city in which you live. Don’t forget your email address and make sure it’s correctly typed.

Thanks so very much, my friends. For great eating and vibrant health, I remain

Very truly yours,
Russell D. Longcore


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