Barack Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize continues its tradition of being a completely meaningless award with no basis in reality.

Here are some of the more “interesting” past award winners:

2007 – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Al Gore: perpetuating a lie about climate change and human causation.

2001 – United Nations, Kofi Annan: A do-nothing caretaker of the most ineffective political body on the planet.

1994 – Yasser Arafat, Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Rabin: Three terrorists – two with state legitimacy in Israel, one a terrorist with the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

1990 – Mikhail Gorbachev – only USSR’s president for 21 months, he presided over the collapse of the Soviet Union.

1986 – Elie Wiesel – Jewish holocaust survivor and writer.

Mr. Obama has caused shock and awe for his peaceful ways throughout the world in less than 9 months in office by:

Prosecuting a war in Afghanistan in which thousands of innocent civilians have been murdered by American military personnel.

Prosecuting a war in Pakistan in which millions of persons in the Swat Valley were displaced and turned into war refugees. In addition, airstrikes with pilotless drones have killed and injured hundreds or thousands of civilians.

Prosecuting a war in Iraq that he inherited from former President George Bush. Now it’s his war. He has continued the staffing of the new embassy, and the completion of at least seven new military bases in Iraq. Military troops are still dying regularly in Iraq, and civilians are also still being killed by the hundreds. The death toll in Iraq from war is way north of 1 million people.

Maintaining the procedure of extraordinary rendition. Obama widely criticized rendition in his campaign, but has reversed himself and embraced it in his presidency. Rendition is the process whereby persons suspected of “terrorist activity” are captured and shipped to secret prisons in other countries where they are tortured and interrogated.

Promising to close the Guantanamo base, and then not doing it.

Threatening the nation of Iran with military air strikes if Iran does not capitulate to American and Israeli desires to end its legal uranium enrichment program.

Would someone somewhere please explain to me how this litany of torture and death can be considered for the highest honor for promoting peace on the planet?

Lastly, if this short list of infamy gets you the Nobel Prize for Peace and a cash award of over $1 million, Joe Stalin, Pol Pot and Adolph Hitler should get the awards posthumously.


One Response to Barack Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize

  1. car insurance claimer says:

    Obama has not done anything of lasting importance yet.
    This makes a mockery of the award.
    It is silly to make such an award so early in his presidency.
    It shows that awards are becoming pointless and just media managed.

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