Expatriation: Top Ten Destinations for the Wealthy To Reside

Expatriation is a hot topic here in America. People with assets watch aghast as their assets lose value while the Federal Government steamrolls American banks, investment companies and insurers.

And it’s not just “the wealthy” that are scared of the future. Middle class people who were planning to retire soon have realized dramatic losses in their pensions and 401K funds. Retirees are experiencing the same things. And what will happen to the retirees of America’ auto companies, now bankrupt and under Federal control?

May thousands of Americans are seriously considering moving to another nation. They seek financial and political stability, less repressive government and a lower cost of living.

CNBC recently did a study to find out where the safest havens for wealth are on earth. They studied and compared things like education for children, economic and political stability, legal considerations, employment and business opportunities, tax and immigration, conveniences, and cultural sophistication.

Switzerland came up Number One in all categories.

The list of the Top Ten, in inverse listing, is:

10. Dubai
9. Monaco
8. Isle of Man
7. Cayman Islands
6. Isle of Jersey
5. Hong Kong
4. New York City, NY
3. Singapore
2. London, UK
1. Switzerland

Switzerland is a democratic confederacy that was founded in 1291. Seven hundred years later, it is still the best government on earth. It has not been invaded by enemies since before 1291. It minds its own business and protects the business of those who do business in Switzerland.

Its legendary banking laws offer the best security and secrecy in the world today. Most of the bank secrecy and tax haven nations of the world have copied Switzerland’s methods. Other nations despise Swiss banking laws, and constantly attack them. Politicians and governments looking to plunder the wealth of its citizens view Swiss traditions of private banking, fierce independence and anonymity as obstacles to their plunder. And, the age-old tradition of armed neutrality stands as the exception and example to the imperialism and aggression of other nations. Simply stated, it puts other nations to shame.

But many investors and owners of wealth prefer Switzerland and the Swiss franc. And, despite what you may read in the news and hear on TV, Swiss banking security is still one of the best on earth.

What’s good for the wealthy is also good for the smaller investor. Don’t wait until the collapse of the American Federal Government. Don’t wait for massive hyperinflation of the Dollar to steal the rest of your wealth. Prepare yourself NOW for the coming storms.

Seriously consider moving your money to more secure investment climates.

See the slide show for the Top Ten Safe Havens at: Top Ten Safe Havens


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