Cuba: Time to Give Cuba Some Love

Cuba is the red-haired stepchild of the Caribbean. It’s been locked in the closet under the stairs for nearly 50 years. Let it out.

Just messing with you. I’ll restate that differently.

Cuba, the island nation of over 11 million people just off our Florida Keys, is long overdue to be treated with respect by the United States Federal Government.

President Kennedy slapped the embargo on Cuba in 1962 after the aborted Bay of Pigs incident and the Cuban missile crisis. Back then, communism was a political system with a world agenda of domination. Of course, not like the Americans, with their world agenda of spreading American values. Our motives were pure. (insert laughter here.)

Curiously, socialism, the mid-point on the road from capitalism to totalitarianism, has been absorbed into the governments of most Western nations over the last 50 years or so. The United States Federal Government is hurtling toward totalitarianism as fast as its little corpulent legs will carry it. So, being against socialism is not the reason for the continued embargo.

Since 1979, the USA has been doing business with China. Its economy is on the ascendency, ours is in decline. It has a pitiful human rights record. But China, still avowedly Communist, is presently the largest holder of US Treasury bonds in the world. China could bring the American government and economy crashing down tomorrow simply by dumping a small percentage of their bond holdings on the world market. They are quietly in control of the United States government.

Where is our embargo of China?

Since the 1980s, the USA has done business with the Soviet Union. It stepped up business activity when the USSR imploded in 1991 and Russia re-emerged. Russia murdered thousands in Chechnya who wanted to be free of Russian rule. Russia now provides a large percentage of the natural gas that heats Europe. It has recovered pretty well and is once again a force to be reckoned with.

Where is our embargo of our most bitter Cold War enemy?

Khrushchev is long dead. The USSR is dead. Cuban President Fidel Castro is a feeble old man who will be dead soon. Yet, Washington still cannot get over its almost 50-year-old temper tantrum toward Cuba.

If the US maintains diplomatic relations and business relations with China, Russia, the Baltic States, India, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, Canada, France, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Poland, and most of the nations in Central and South America, and Israel…all of whom are socialist governments…how does Washington maintain the embargo against Cuba with a straight face?

If Washington wants to effect change in Cuba, it should allow American citizens to flood the island with American money and American values. Our culture, unshackled, would have more positive influence on Cubans than all of the diplomacy that Washington could ever possibly concoct.

President Obama could lift the embargo tomorrow with a stroke of the pen if he had the will to do it.

It’s time to give Cuba some love.


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