Nerobama: Fiddling While America Burns

Historical fable says that the Roman Emperor Nero played a fiddle while the city of Rome burned. In AD 64, a fire erupted in the southern end of the Circus Maximus section of Rome and burned for five days, destroying a large portion of the city. While we don’t know if Nero fiddled, we do know that he chose to blame a new group…Christians…for the fire. Hundreds were executed, and Tacitus wrote that their crucified immolated bodies lit the night sky in the city of Rome.

Today is Inauguration Day in Washington, DC. Millions of Americans have choked every street in Washington DC to celebrate the crowning of the new American emperor.

Tens of thousands of police, a brigade of active military, and thousands of volunteers and government workers are putting on this party today. We will likely never know the cost of the Inauguration, but it comes at a moment in American history when the Federal Government is bankrupt.

But, the new emperor, Nerobama, is going to “fiddle with” the economy, going down the same road as his predecessors. Unfortunately for him, blame for the firestorm that has already begun will be laid at his feet. Knowing the character of all politicians, though, tells us that the blame will certainly not stay at his feet.

It appears that Nerobama is embarking on a Keynesian fantasy trip in which he and his government plan to spend America back into prosperity. They are planning nearly a trillion dollars in bailouts, tax cuts and stimulus payments to American taxpayers, fashioned out of thin air. Yet, they already know that the Bush stimulus checks did little or nothing to jump start the American economy.

And what will happen when that doesn’t work? More of the same?

Eventually, some financial cataclysm will occur that will cause the house of cards to topple. You can be sure that those at the head of our government will not take responsibility for this collapse. Emperor Nerobama will surely choose another group or nation to blame for the worldwide economic collapse that is certain to arrive soon.

But you need to be clear in your understanding of economics about just who is to blame for the coming economic wildfire. The United States Federal Government has spent too much money….borrowed too much money…printed too much money. They have disconnected our national currency from gold and silver, causing inflation and devaluation simultaneously.

“Be not deceived, God is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” (Galatians 6:7). If you flooded your neighborhood with bad checks, eventually the police would come to your home and arrest you for fraud and forgery. Natural law says that you many not commit fraud or force against other persons without an eventual consequence.

Natural law is soon going to be knocking down the Federal door in Washington to bring justice to bear. May God help us all when this day comes.


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