Secession: It’s Time To Consider Secession

I’ve been reading the Libertarian blogs and websites now for years. I’ve been a student of American History…not only the history in the textbooks of the government schools, but the wide and varied sources of truth found in alternative media and the books not taught in schools.

I’ve even been a contributor to the discussions at the most well-known websites and blogs on many occasions. But until now, I’ve seen very little of this topic…Secession.

The Libertarian writers still advocate change of the present Federal Government. No matter what topic is offered…taxation, the Constitution, Congress, the courts, abortion, loss of liberty, Homeland Security, elections, inflation, recession, foreign policy, tax policy, the Federal Reserve, and getting our troops out of foreign bases and foreign wars…the change they seem to recommend is primarily Federally-focused.

They’ve diagnosed all of the illnesses or our nation and the world correctly. I have few quarrels with the writers as they identify the grave problems we face.

I just question the solutions offered by those writers.

No matter what…the writers still write of change and solutions within the system. They write of working from within to effect change. They write about running Libertarian candidates in greater numbers.

But, I’ve sent messages to many authors and asked, “How?” How do all these ideas become a reality in the real world?

I’ve received very few replies that put shoes on these lofty ideals, even from the most well-known writers. When they talk of fixing the glaring problems, it seems to always be in the abstract.

And further, even if America experienced a collapse of the government along with a collapse of the economy, do any of you really believe that the Federal Government is going to just go away quietly? Look at the ends to which they’ll go to prosecute a war half way around the world. You can’t believe that they won’t try even harder to maintain control here within our own borders!

I believe that it is utter folly to keep thinking that we can change the system from within. So, today, I hope to add to an old ideal…


The war that began in 1776 is now widely known as the “Revolutionary War.” But, in reality, it was not a revolution, for the colonies had no intention or desire to overthrow King George. The colonies wanted to peacefully remove themselves from the kingdom and be independent states. When I say “independent States,” I mean sovereign States…nations of their own.

That’s what the states were from 1776 on. They removed themselves from the British Empire . Then they formed the united States of America and ratified the Constitution. But even after the Constitution, the States were sovereign little nations.

The concept of secession is nowhere to be found in the Constitution, but is provided for in Amendment 10, which reserves to the states and the people any power not specifically delegated to the Federal government. Further, in the early 1860’s, when Southern states were preparing to secede, legislation was introduced in Congress to make secession unlawful. Hence, secession was already a solution available to all sovereign States.

Once again in 1861, the several Southern States only wished to leave the voluntary union peaceably. They did not advocate or strive to overthrow the American Federal government.

Yet again, we as citizens of the States in which we live, are faced with another Empire that has become destructive to our inalienable rights. It is our duty to dissolve the political bands that have connected us to this tyranny, and to institute new government that effects our safety and happiness (quoted from the Declaration of Independence).

If you have not read Jefferson’s brilliance in the Declaration of Independence recently, I strongly urge you to take a few minutes and read it. It is so timely it could have been written last week.

There are only two serious choices for free persons:

1. Emigrate to another country and become an expatriate.
2. Secession.

There are fine websites that have done the intellectual groundwork to which I’d like to direct your attention.


Let’s begin a serious dialogue about Secession here at this website.

Which state will be the first to secede? Vermont? New Hampshire? Idaho? Hawai’i? Montana?

Secession. The Only Solution.


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