No Airline Security Solution Could Be Simpler

Americans will not control their government, so their government controls them. The airport security and Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) procedures that we all scarcely tolerate are only symptoms of the rampant totalitarianism that has infested our American way of life. I would like to say that it is the government that is the problem, but to say that would be to give the American people a free pass. The average American does not deserve a pass.

Americans are getting exactly what they deserve as it relates to how they are treated in airports. If Americans boycotted the airlines for a period of three months, in which they refused to use commercial airline for travel, I believe it would bring the airlines to their knees. I believe that the airlines would cease allowing the TSA to screen passengers.

Homeland Security and the TSA are spending billions of dollars each year terrorizing and abusing passengers to justify their existence, not to make airline travel safer. Confiscating shampoo and nail clippers does not make travel safer, just stupider. The scan the bags and search the bodies of infants and old women. They place armed marshals on certain flights as flying security guards.

But is it necessary? Disarming the populace makes it intrinsically more unsafe, not safer.

If you are a bad guy, and you smuggle any weapon on a plane, you could cause problems. However, if the other passengers are armed, the probability of problems goes way down.

The simplest solution to American travel security is to allow firearms to be freely carried by travelers on any public conveyance…passenger jets, city buses, subway and passenger trains. It costs absolutely nothing. No shoeless scanning. No machines that look inside our bags or under our shirts. No prohibition of nail clippers on carry-on bags.

When I say, “allow,” I mean revoke or suspend all the state and federal laws that infringe upon the God-given right to keep and bear arms.

That way, even if a bad guy walks onto a plane with a gun, there will likely be dozens of other passengers aboard that are similarly armed, and know how to use their weapons. Sheer numbers will prevent highjacking attempts.

Who knows? Once airport security was sane again, safety and security might spread to public buildings, schools, college campuses and shopping malls.

But remember my initial premise. Those in control make the rules, so this simple solution will never happen.


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