Daytime Running Lights: Why Should Your Car Have Daytime Running Lights?

November 8, 2008

“I never saw that car. It came out of nowhere!”

Have your ever said those words after an accident?

Have you ever said that after a near miss of a collision with another vehicle?

I know how you feel, but that car was likely there all the time. You might have been momentarily distracted. But what can you do to make sure that the other driver is not saying that about YOU?

You can make your vehicle more visible, and therefore safer! When it comes to being on the road, VISIBILITY means SAFETY!!

But how? Put a strobe light on the roof? Paint the car fluorescent orange or green?

No! Use Daytime Running Lights (DRLs). When DRLs are sufficiently intense, they make your car easier to see when you’re driving.

Research shows that without your headlights on during the daytime, your vehicle is visible at a distance of only 2200 ft. But with headlights on, you can be seen as far as 4700 ft away! That’s more than double the distance… much more time for the oncoming driver to see your vehicle and make the driving decision that might save your life!

In 1993, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued Rule 108, which allowed auto manufacturers to add DRLs as standard equipment. GM and Ford are now featuring DRLs as original equipment. That action follows the European auto manufacturers, where DRLs have been mandatory for decades.

Tests done by the Society of Automotive Engineers showed a 38% reduction in collisions in the first year of installation. Test results by Avis Rent-a-Car showed a 64% reduction in car damages, and a 69% decrease in repair costs for cars equipped with DRLs.

My Chevrolet Corvette has Daytime Running Lights. Even though the car is white, which is the most visible car color, it’s very low to the ground. I appreciate the DRLs because they help make me more visible out on the road.

You already have the ability to have DRLs on your car. Simply turn on the headlights every time you drive the car. The problem with this simple solution is our memory. We have to remember to turn the headlights on, and then remember to turn them off when we shut off the car.

So, what if you make a mistake and forget to turn on your headlights, and you have an accident because the other guy didn’t see you? You don’t have to rely on your memory.

There’s a product available for cars that do not have DRLs as standard equipment. It’s called SAV-A-LIFE DRL. The company offers a cost-effective and mistake-proof way of upgrading your vehicle to the latest safety standard. When installed, the DRL functions just like the manufacturer equipment. The lights automatically come on when you start the car, and shut off when you turn the car off.

You can call SAV-A-LIFE at 1-800-654-3337 or email at: to find out if they have a model for your car’s year, make and model. The units work on cars, trucks, buses, RVs, vans and pickups.

Daytime Running Lights can SAVE YOUR LIFE!!

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